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South Texas Traffic Tickets

Texas Traffic Tickets Can be a pain. Do you have any South Texas Traffic Tickets? If so you don’t have to fight alone. We also handle Texas Traffic Tickets. We do not talk about it much on this website but The Coquat Law Firm resolves thousands of citations every year. For more information be sure […]

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New Website. Same Great Service.

The Coquat Law Firm has a brand New Website but we decided to keep the same great services we have been providing to San Antonio and South Texas. A quick look at the New Website. We encourage everyone to spend a few minutes looking around our New Website. But if you are in a hurry […]

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Get A Will With The Coquat Law Firm

Everybody needs to have a will. To ensure that your desires are followed after your death it is best to hire an experienced attorney to draft your will. Call The Coquat Law Firm at (210) 745-0144 to help with your estate planning today! Why Do You Need A Will? Many people in this country die […]

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Small Business Lawyers

Are you looking to start a small business? If so there are many regulations put into place by the state regarding how a small business may be setup. By calling The Coquat Law Firm you may be able to hire experienced Small Business Lawyers to help you set up your new business. Call us at […]

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What is your will?

If something terrible were to happen to you today, what is your last will and testament? You should not take any chances that your will won’t be done. No one has a genie that can snap his fingers and make everything alright. Don’t end up wishing you’d done more to help make things easier for […]

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